You and Your D-bag Friends!

If you aren’t familiar with They Might Be Giants’ song Your Racist Friend, take 3 and a half minutes of your life and watch it…. you won’t regret it.


OK. Now replace racist with D-bag, and you have my husband’s friends. My husband is a non d-bag, and why he continues to think these guys are real friends is crazy to me. Each one is a super special d-bag in his own special way. The ring leader of the d-bags is a self-entitled prick, who has never held down a job successfully, or for more than a month. Ever. Seriously! But I digress. The reason they are d-bags today is because it’s Halloween. It is Hallow – freaking – ween and I am working on a quilt while watching the shining… alone. Why they made plans and nobody noticed that it was on Halloween, I will never understand. But there you have it. Him and his D-bag friends.

Now excuse me while I detach my finger from my sewing machine… damn psycho kids!!! The twins get me EVERY TIME.