About Me

The about me section is the single section that annoys and intimidates me the most. I hate having to try and sum up who I think I am. Especially when I totally struggle with that almost every day.

I am 36 years old, mother of none, step mother to one, wife, daughter, grand daughter, niece, cousin and friend. That’s how I fit into my family

I am a snarky bitch, sarcastic and inappropriate. I’m a little selfish, somewhat angsty. Quick tempered, easily excitable. Will contemplate all the various ways I can kill, maim or destroy you with various household items all while smiling and carrying on a completely civilized conversation. Definitely opinionated. I procrastinate like no one’s business. You could say that I’m a quasi-professional procrastinator!

I read voraciously. I have to finish any book that I start. Even if I put it down and wait for a couple of weeks, or months even… it mocks me from my bookshelf. I am an avid crafter… I can throw crap together and it looks absolutely AMAZEballz! I am attempting to begin a small at home business. That is not my focus here… though you will hear about my frustration over my own stinkin procrastination.

I get exasperated, over-whelmed and don’t always know just what to do with the hurricane of emotions that live in my brain.

I am writing this from the cold cement floor of the local climbing gym rather than the comfort of my living room… because I love my husband. I really really love him. I love that he wants me to do everything with him, and I love him enough to be at the racking fracking climbing gym. (Did I mention my fear of heights? Well, I have one. Huge one. Did I mention I love him?)

I may find more to sum me up on another day, but he’s shaking the chalk bag at me… deep breaths… facing the fears… blech!


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you so much!! I am super excited to get started, and will see if I can get it accomplished this afternoon. I’ve been out of touch since Thanksgiving. After I managed to smash the screen on my phone, my laptop decided that the Twinkie people had the right idea, and proceeded to go on strike. I am now armed with a new phone (and a fresh new 2 year contract >.< ) and a mostly repaired/still somewhat cranky laptop, so hopefully I will be back to 100% (or as close to it as I ever get) this afternoon! Thank you again!!

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