Hello Hormones!

Oh Geez.

Hot flashes, night sweats, emotional roller-coaster. I’m really not sure that me or my husband is really equipped to handle this. I mean I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve ALWAYS been moody. Moody and emotional and a little weepy. I am a Pisces  after all.. and even though I don’t really know much about astrology, I know that I fit my sign.

I think that I am in the early stages of menopause, and I’m not happy about it. I know that it’s possible to still get pregnant, but I don’t think it’s the best idea. Neither of us is up for the demands of a newborn right now, and right now is all we have left. Blah. I really wanted the chance to be a for real bio mom, but being a stepmom is good too. I just hate the stigma that goes along with it, and Disney, well Disney can bite a big fat one.  I’m so sick of the Wicked Stepmom being the villain in all of their stories! Hell, we’re the villain in almost ALL stories. Lovely. And there goes my train of thought again… Le sigh!

My husband doesn’t really understand it… he’s never had to live through menopause… at least not that he can remember. His mom had the instant kind after a radical hysterectomy. Right after he was born. He doesn’t remember all the crazy that comes with it. He has NO clue what he’s in for.. and I have no way to prepare him. Well except for “Buckle up Babe… This is gonna get bumpy!”.

Hell, I don’t even know if I understand it! I go from the insanity of PMS and now the new and improved PMDD and now….. BLECH!

Who needs sanity when you can have a roller coaster??!!


6 thoughts on “Hello Hormones!

  1. Hang in there it’s only going to get worse, luckily I’m one of those that had instant menopause and I’m just trying to get a “calm” grip on life. It’s tough but if you ever need a kind word or advice just ask any of us on here and we will be more than happy to help.

  2. Oh, btw, I’m a biological mom AND a step mom but being a step mom is a million times harder because with a step kid you can’t yell at them with quite the intensity that you would your biological children, so I find myself biting my tongue most of the week. But there is a bright side, I let her father make all the decisions and if she needs something she has to ask him….problem solved, she leaves me alone.

    • I’ve found that my “serious face” works better than yelling. Coupled with looking over my glasses at him…. hasn’t quite grasped the fact that I am BLIND without the glasses… mostly doing that so he’s blurry and I won’t laugh!! And I do the same with sending him to Dad for questions… and invariably hear.. “Well why are you asking me??”. They are the loves of my life… even if they are a little slow sometimes!

  3. Welcome to my world! Been going through it now for 3 years and I’m mad as hell that it just loves hanging around. I drink wine to forget about it but then the wine causes even more intense hot flashes. Can’t win at this stupid menopause game, so stock up on face towels to wipe the sweat and throw away your bathroom scale because yes, it IS a bumpy ride!! Lovin this blog site–I’ll be subscribing to it under the name marciakesterdoyle and then I’ll hop over and like your Fb page!

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